Dating assistance dating a girl with down syndrome

Personal Dating Assistants has been making headlines around the web for offering this new service, but I’m sure they aren’t the only ones marketing PUA business. The company website explains it like this: “Dating online for men is more than just a numbers game.The PDA team helps daters choose photos, ghostwrite messages, and even scout for attractive women, depending on their physical preferences (i.e. Locating, and attracting beautiful women is also a fiercely competitive sport, and requires a significant time commitment if you want real results.To win dates regularly, a typical approach isn’t gonna cut it.

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So if you’re a woman on sites like Ok Cupid or dating apps like Tinder, that cute guy might not be as clever as you think.

A professional could have written that flirtatious email from your online match to help him get laid.

Professional online dating assistance has been around almost as long as online dating.

For a fee, you can have someone write or “spruce up” your profile, craft email messages, or help you get more responses for your outreach efforts.

The service boasts a high response rate for their creative efforts, but it’s not cheap.

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