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Overall size is 19" wide, 11" tall and 1 1/4" deep.See 12 photos on Harp Gallery website that enlarge to full screen size.The first know dated English sampler (1598) was made by Jane Bostocke and this one is now in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

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The thought at the time was that all culture and development of people evolved from the rural population.

As you can well imagine, this theory is of course no longer valid! They took them to bits, brick by brick, beam by beam and rebuilt them on a 44 ha [ 108 acres ] site in the Waterberg forest in Arnhem.

It was a piece of material on which the ladies practised their mark and stitches on a piece of cloth.

Sometimes important items like sheets, pillowcases and shirts, of families of standing, had further decorations around the initials.

The largest Dutch collection of samplers is held by the Netherlands Open-Air Museum at Arnhem.

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