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Hozier's performance on "Live From The Artists Den" premieres nationwide in the United States on PBS in APRIL.

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The song was created especially for the film "The Legend Of Tarzan" starring Alexander Skarsgård, Margot Robbie, Christoph Waltz, and Samuel L. Over the past decade, the John Varvatos iconic rock star series has conveyed its vision of rock ‘n’ roll sensibility through the black and white portraits by distinguished photographer Danny Clinch.

Maybe you don’t have song lyrics tattooed on your rib cage, but most of us at some point or another have watched a musician play the guitar, harmonica, stomp box, and drums all at the same time and wondered what else those fingers can do. It’s why musicians and artists have women and men throwing themselves at their feet, begging to be lovers and share that sweetness even just for a little while. If you are persistent to hook a vagabond, someone should warn you that eventually the buzz from the honey wears off. Some artists choose not to say whether they are single to keep a mystery alive, to keep the audience dangling on a hopeful string.

So, what makes musicians Beneath it all, I think it’s because when someone does something they truly love—they shine. John Lennon had an “undercover wife” and son that he never spoke about until after The Beatles broke up.

We want what they have—for they are standing in their brilliance doing what they love. But we sometimes are misguided and think we want the hand in which we see it from. Forget the challenges of coordinating just two schedules—you’ve now got a third, the band’s Google Calendar. They were asked by their agents to be “available but unavailable.” It is often why musicians have the reputation of being charming schmoozer’s. They were branded to be this object, up on a stage.

Right now, world leaders are preparing for the UN World Humanitarian Summit, which is only a few months away. More Hozier will be presented with the Raymond Weil International Award at the prestigious Nordoff Robins Silver Cleff Awards.

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