Dating a junior how importent are dating methods

So theres this girl at work that I've started to like, a lot.. I know thats not much of a difference (in 10 years we'll be 28 and 26, which sounds fine) , but it seems like it now.

and from what I can tell she thinks the same about me. There seems to be some kinda stigma about highschool girls when you're out of high school.

Phunktastic, There's nothing wrong with a 2 year age difference.

if it were me, i'd leave her to her high school life and inevitable high school drama, and live my own life, taking advantage of the many oppurtunities you will be presented with. Reasons why you should wait: a) You'll meet new people. c) Age difference could be an issue, especially depending on her parents. Her parents aren't really an issue, I met her mom the other day and she seemed to like me.

I've been kicking myself in the ass for not dating this one girl when i had the chance only because I was too woried about what people would say.first off, i've moved this thread to the sexuality board.

now, you're just getting started in what's gonna be the biggest thrill of your life.

I'm a college freshman (18) and shes a high school junior (16).

So anyway, I don't post here much but this has been on my mind for awhile..

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