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“Never apologise or say 'sorry I’m not drinking' because it suggests you feel bad." Stopping drinking - whether or not it's to raise money - is something to be proud of.The sort of person you will want to date will be interested in finding out more, and your sober-stint will be a conversation starter.“The first couple of dates were a bit daunting,” admits Blackman, but he soon realised alcohol was just a social crutch. You realise you’re a good person and you can find confidence without it.

But meeting someone you fancy is entirely possible, and in many ways better, if you skip the booze, says Eden Blackman, a dating expert and founder of 'Would Like to Meet', who is backing cancer charity Macmillan’s Go Sober for October campaign. After he realised it was taking longer and longer to recover after a night out, he challenged himself and succeeded in not drinking for 10 years. Here's what Blackman learned by dating without drink.

It sounds obvious, but being able to recall what your date has said scores major points.

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“When I stopped drinking I was remembering more, I wasn’t asking embarrassing questions about where they live and if they have brothers and sisters,” says Blackman.

And that's crucial to winning a second or third date. "If it isn't something you'd say in person then don’t say it via text," he warns.

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