Craigslist dating dc

After a two-day search, I found three guys looking for a fourth in Arlington, sent off a security deposit without so much as meeting them, packed up the car, and hit the road.What I discovered when I got there was a city filled with people living with strangers, each pairing seemingly more random than the last.When I moved to DC, I did it with almost no notice and knowing next to nobody in the city.

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He’s been seven years vegan, but is thinking about trying a raw diet. I was born in Kenya, moved to Sweden as a kid, and then came to America for college.

Again, I knew about four people in the entire city, and none of them were looking for a roommate.

So, I did what tons of people in this glorious digital era do when looking for roommates: I went to Craigslist.

Some worked well, others just coexisted, and others... If you find yourself navigating the murky waters of DC Craigslist, here are 10 people you might encounter.

This guy will (obviously) have graduated from a Big Ten school (now including Maryland!

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