Consolidating multiple service desks

So i ask if there is a way to: (a) merge the messeage-text of a child-sr into the notes of the parent-sr?

or (b) to have a tabular like overview of all linked child-sr?

What you can do (and how we actually work) is do add another logic to the filter to only show Parents.

consolidating multiple service desks-3

Right now we have to open every linked child-SR to see if there is the info we need.

I am open to detours Greets, Bjoern [edit] I found the posability to insert "Links to other items". but there is just the info-column "title", not message. [/edit]Apologies for digging up an old post, I need to ask a question.

When you successfully merge tickets together why does the parent and child stay in the Service Desk list as active tickets?

So if you have several tickets on the same issue, you can simply connect all the service requests under one parent (which is one of the service requests) and then you have the option to send email once and it will be sent to all requests, and you can also add additional end users as CC. Haim When I create 2 test tickets for similar issues I'm applying the parent ID of the first ticket to the 2nd ticket but any changes (eg assigning call to a user does not assign the 2nd ticket. The issue is that when an issue occurs that many people email in for we are left with many unassigned calls in the new queue until such time as the parent ticket is resolved. In your case, if you want to keep the "unassigned" requests list empty, you can simply assign the child requests to the admin who handle the parent request.

To connect service requests together, simply type the "parent" service request number in the "parent ID" field inside a service request. You can also open a feature request to assign child requests automatically to the admin who is assigned to the parent request, I'm sure many Sys Aiders will find it very useful.

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