Confident dating profile

Using good quality online dating profile photos gives the message that you’re serious about finding love online and that you value yourself.Here are my top tips to help you create irresistible online dating photos that showcase the real you – but you on a good day.

Want to take better online dating profile pictures? Firstly, you have some lovely natural light that you can take advantage of, and secondly you can choose some different locations and backgrounds which can add value to your photos if they tell people a little more about you.

If all else fails, fall back on the classic strategy of ‘fake it ‘til you make it’.

Put your game-face on and head out to your shoot telling yourself that you’re going to own it.

It’s a dead certainty that these people are getting a lot more interest in their profiles than people who are still using poorly lit, blurry, pixelated shots.

Across the web, good, strong images are everywhere and finally online daters are catching on.

Last modified 27-Nov-2015 19:11