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Jennings accounts for a company of highly motivated professionals assembled to best serve each function within the company.

Together, they share an extensive scope of industry know-how and experience, guided by a simple philosophy of “layering to be the best”.

With almost thirty years of experience dealing in High Pressure Decorative Laminates since 1988, Jennings combines an unrivalled expertise with constant innovation to stay at the top of the game. Andre Lim, is an industry pioneer whose humble beginnings as a warehouse assistant has since amassed into half a decade of invaluable experience and insights across all aspects of the trade.

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Our laminate specialists constantly have their fingers on the pulse of the global design industry.

This allows them to curate new designs and product innovations that meet customer demands and are aligned with current and emerging trends.

Our sales executives are selected for their vast industry knowledge and the ability to empathise, allowing them to understand the clients and interpret their design needs into viable customised solutions.

Our logistics team completes the final piece of the Jennings’ service ethos with an inclination to always be punctual and dependable.

Personalised services, competitive pricing, prompt deliveries and quality finishes are the hallmarks that set Jennings apart from the rest.

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