If the principal’s office she could take a shower and wash, then after that she goat to the end of the day had to go to the wet, makes an obscene sucking sounds, vagina.

Some time later, the two of them were joined by another. He worked as a guard at the restaurant and was a young strong and beautiful.


He surrendered Hadya passionately, with a sweet pain, which is experiencing a mature woman in the arms of a young strong man.

And now the house, wiping with a clean cloth wet swollen folds of the vagina, she thought about them.

- Oh, so even – with a smile continued in March – well that’s too bad.

- Basil – said Martha – her on the bench – and pointed his cane a gypsy.

- No, you, Frau officer, never gossip about me – the girl began to cry. - She Frau officer, she steals a fucking gypsy and dumped on me – the girl said with confidence in his voice.

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