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People selling items on Jersey Insight may be contacted by a supposedly interested buyer going by the name of Matthew James, who claims to be a male from the Royal Navy (he says in the email United Kingdom Royal Navy (RKRN)! He often claims to be purchasing the item as a surprise for his father’s birthday and will arrange for it to be shipped to the UK.He then ask the seller to use a Pay Pal account as he does not have access to his accounts on line and goes on to tell them how to set up a Paypal account.

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However, the money would have never cleared the Paypal account before the refund is made.

The States of Jersey Police urge Islanders to be alert to all email scams, where they may be approached and asked for bank account or credit card details, and other personal information.

There is a UK agency that collates all email and correspondence scams.

Recipients of such approaches should copy the correspondence to or speak to the Police on 612612 who can log it for them.

Note: A weight limit of 32kg applies on any individual item of checked baggage2.2 Dimensions, number of bags and weight All baggage you do not check in but take with you in the the cabin is called hand baggage.

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