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It confirmed the news to Peta and follows in the compassionate footsteps of the UK’s House of Commons and House of Lords, both of which maintain firm policies against serving foie gras.” Well.

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What dealings did Peta have with the Oireachtas authorities, because they’re a bit baffled by this whole fois gras thing?

It seems that “a concerned member of the public” was in touch.

contacted the Oireachtas authorities at once about this gastronomic bombshell. Not only have they no record of Peta lobbying them on this issue, but Leinster House has never, ever, put foie gras on the restaurant menu.

(Our politicians aren’t that thick.) “Therefore, it could never be banned,” pointed out a spokesman.

We nearly choked on our ortolan, but thankfully everyone else in the Dáil restaurant was gorging on songbird so nobody noticed because we had linen napkins covering our faces in accordance with tradition.

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