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Making the decision to go to therapy is often one of the first steps people take on the road to recovery from mental illness.The surprise: His extra weight may actually have tipped the balance in your favor.

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The world can be a nasty place, but it’s much happier when you find your kindness.

I live by the phrase, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” It means that comparing something of yours to someone else’s can steal good feelings.

And while it can certainly eliminate joy or gratitude, a comparison can also steal validation ().

Lately, I’ve realized that the best thing I can do to improve my happiness is to be kind. Living with social anxiety is like perpetually bouncing on a crowded trampoline: We must be watchful so we don’t cause harm to others; we must avoid bumping into, and thus annoying, others; we know if we do it wrong we will surely ruin things for everyone; and we jump, jump to conclusions that we’re being judged negatively. You don’t have to remain stuck on the social anxiety trampoline, jumping to conclusions that you are somehow lesser than others.

To stop jumping to conclusions and soothe social anxiety involves understanding some of the effects of social anxiety.

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