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And, as I was reminded of the premise of the book, I found myself noticing that there is still a lot to love about it.

In IKDG, Harris pushed for a more radical dedication to Jesus Christ through the process of romantic relationships.

While Harris himself has since clarified and revised some of his original thoughts — which were published when he was only 21 and still unmarried — his book remains the No. I remember reading IKDG as a college sophomore and even interviewing Harris for my college newspaper. It affirmed a calling God had already placed on my heart: obedience and submission to Him in all areas of life, including romance and sexuality.

Challies explains why the book went on to become so polarizing: “The discussion his book generated was integral in shaping his generation of young Christians.

As that generation has grown up and matured, some now commend and some now condemn the book.

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and Margaret Kim Peterson, might look like any other Christian book on dating and marriage. The new book, subtitled "Cultivating Realistic, Positive Expectations for Christian Marriage," is refreshingly different, captured in those two words .

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