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I did promise to write stories for several people and I can't bring myself to finish them. I'm here to make you feel better, to show you a better life." requestbymaria! You take your clothes off for a living," he snapped, running his fingers through his coloured hair. She knows its not true love and that he's using her, but it's the closest thing she has to it. Some say she doesn't fit in but wrestling is in her blood. A smutty story with stupid humor and an emphasis on humiliation.I will gladly give you the story to finish yourselves. That is, until Randy shows her what its like to truly be loved for her heart and not her body Georgie, a writer gets a job on a film set in Cincinatti and has an encounter with Jon Moxley(Dean Ambrose). In fact, they're both quick to admit that they hate each other. CM Punk is the new WWE Champion, but he doesn't want all the extra baggage that comes along with it, including an assistant that takes orders from him. Evil cult leader Bray Wyatt wants to have Maria, body, mind, and soul. He intends on using her brother Hunter, and her lover, Seth, to control her, and make her cater to his every whim. Charity been with the WWE for a five years and has never had a chance to do something to show she's a serious wrestler. So what happens when Matt goes back on the road, leaving them alone with each other?

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There are stories running wild through my head all day long. I'm just starting on this fiction site, but I imagine a lot of my stories would be wrestling related.

Writing fiction is my way of unleashing these stories. See my Tumblr account for photos of my characters : I don't mind writing requested stories--but because writing time is so limited, please only request a one shot or a collaboration. MN5/12/2014: I've given up on finishing the stories that I have started. Welcome to the House of Fantasy - I hope you enjoy your time here.

With his latest victim, he decides to takes things to another level. Again please excuse my poor writing and silly idea.

This time, the elusive Wyatt Family has gone too far. The Wyatt family knows Sister Abagail always gets what she wants, but when she decides she wants to dominate the mind of the already off-kilter Dean Ambrose, Bray realizes he's going to have to change up his strategy in order to get inside... Bret Hart/OC/Triple HWhen Aubrey Josette is put in a arranged marriage by her father, she unwillingly goes along with it.

They both lead separate lives but things change when Cody decides to actually be a father. No one knew, not even his worst enemy, who happened to be her brother. They have the sweetest marriage one can wish to have someday.

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