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You may have found us through a Huffington Post article, an email that was forwarded to you, a website that reviewed the book, or just good ol’ divine intervention. See, one of my mentors told me that if you have a solution to people’s problems, you have a moral obligation to let ’em know.

If you’ve got a cure, you can’t be hoarding it while people in need are walking around! Since I don’t mean to be mean, I’m gonna ask all of you to get the book.

Life changing viewpoint on dating philosophy for women.

A MUST read, June 17, 2011, by Kimberly Mc George at Amazon - I think the price of this book is worth one sentence. So I’m going to do this in three ways, in no particular order: 3) Show you the table of contents and give you oodles of samples so you’ll know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the book’s right for you.

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