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Picking a balance transfer credit card can be confusing.But this latest listing of card offers, along with our Transfer Savings Estimator, shows how much you can save.Otherwise, use a tool such as a balance transfer calculator to discover the time you need to pay off the debt (including the fee), then look for cards with those terms.

If you know how these offers work, and you know what other perks to look for, you can find the best balance transfer card to minimize your interest and maximize your rewards.

Generally speaking, the longer the period, the better.

Some offers describe the promotional period in “months,” some in “billing cycles” and some as “until” some date in the future.

According to our survey of balance transfer cards, nearly 90 percent of major cards offer balance transfers, and the most-common fee is 3 percent of the amount transferred.

A lucky few may qualify for offers with a zero fee balance transfer.

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