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The matchup between Jiayuan and Baihe’s Love World Inc.

is expected to close in the first quarter of 2016, after which Jiayuan will be removed from the NASDAQ.

Baihe, founded in 2005 by Mu Yan, raised 0 million USD in a round of Series D funding this past May.

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Users on must pay 2 to 3 RMB ($0.31 to $0.47 USD) per message or pay for a periodic subscription in order to use the service.

Other value-added services include virtual gifts, highter search rankings, priority rankings for sent messages and more.

Linguang Wu, executive director of Jiayuan, will become co-executive of the new company following the closure of the deal. Jiayuan’s stock jumped almost 6.5 percent following the announcement on Monday, and is currently trading at $7.33 USD.

s you might know from some of my previous posts, I maintain a profile on Chinese Love Links dating site which I use to gather various statistical information.

As someone who already doesn’t use it for the sake of dating itself, I pay attention to things which might be unnoticed by other site members.

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