Ava gardner dating history

Then ­Sinatra’s friend Peter Lawford brought her to one of his parties.

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The third time, they both began laughing as he said hello. And now, here they were, just the two of them, faced with a decision.

Was it an accident that they ran into each other a few days later, in front of her place? Frank wasn’t usually keen on walking but suddenly he was getting out a lot. Dark haired with a white fur stole on her wide ­shoulders, he noticed how she prowled with the easy grace of a tigress.

It made me want to cry for happiness, like a beautiful sunset or a boys’ choir singing Christmas carols’.

Now here she was, sitting with him, staring at him. Frank took in her stare and told ­himself that here, for the first time in his life, was someone who instinctively knew him and all his secrets. It was months before they saw each other again, but when they did Frank fell as fast as she did.

He took her hand (she kept stealing glances at his hands; they were ­beautiful) and led her to his car. They went to his apartment, kissed and he reached to unzip her dress. In a flash, all his discontent alchemised into the most powerful emotion he had ever known.

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