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Stand-up comics frequently say that this form of entertainment is both the most difficult to perform and most rewarding.

It didn't work for Ashes To Ashes, why would it work for you?

Smanga is thrilled about Nolwazi’s decision even though no one else will be. Gadaffi will do whatever it takes to get Kobus to talk, even if it means torturing him.

The elders are ready for the next phase of the Moroka wedding preparations.

Jack makes a veiled threat against Karabo and Gadaffi.

Nolwazi’s had enough of being strung along and issues an ultimatum. Wow Namhla will save Smanga ,it gets very interestiong in June . I am glad Nolwazi Is getting a proper storyline .hopefully we will get to see her family soon .i think its safe now to cast new people cz these legendz are not interesting anymore..menzi ngubane on isibaya is anoying +loud AF myb its bcz i was nvr a fan of his bt something took him back to (mazwi bambolwam character)Lol these production houses need to get over casting these former Gen actors hoping to pull in viewers.

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