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We've got the lowdown on the most in-demand girls' names this year, from one to 100 (you can also check out the boys' top 100! ) There are plenty of new additions to the Baby Centre list of girls' names, with Amelia hitting the top spot. You can also get inspiration from our baby name finder tool.

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Our guest interviewer is Janice Hayden, owner of Folk Art Mavens, a small fair-trade business importing handcrafted Palestinian gifts.

In 2011 she was in Tahrir Square during the Egyptian uprising and In 2012 she was part of a human rights delegation to Bahrain in support of democracy activists; she was tear-When an exhibition of childrens art from Gaza was banned from a museum in California the competing narratives about Israels military assault on Gaza during 2008 were called into question.

Susan Johnson tells the story of how the pictures were made and how these powerful visuals from the children of Gaza came to the U. Her work is based on more than twelve years of residence in Eastern Saudi Arabia and extensive travels throughout the Arabian Peninsula and points north.

Born to a Palestinian father and American mother, she spent her childhood in Palestine where she observed the making of many crafts, including Bedouin weaving.

She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the San Francisco Art Institute as well as Secondary Teaching Credentials in art and English.

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