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According to the infographic, tying the knot can have negative effects on your waistline and your wallet, with married couples weighing six to nine pounds more than their single friends, and costs of dating averaging over ,000.

While staying solo might save you some cash, is it possible to put a price tag on true love? Whether you're for or against the pro-bachelor movement, 'Why It's Good to Be Single' offers up some food for thought and is worth checking out!

” Contestants must answer the questions solo, then compare answers to discover how hollow and disappointing their relationship truly is.

And I am currently picturing other people naked.” The comedian insists the show is all in good fun, and that no hearts have actually been broken in her quest to turn her bitterness into laughs — in fact, some couples have said afterwards that it brought them closer together. “I’m not a monster.” Filbin has staged the anti-dating show monthly since last summer, but she is particularly thrilled to drive couples apart so close to the holiday most loathed by sad singles everywhere.

Let’s be honest, love doesn’t exist, couples suck, and Valentine’s Day is bullshit.

Join your host Carly Ann Filbin as she tests real life couples to see if they are meant to be together (they aren’t).

The couple with the least amount of points at the end of the night will have to break-up because we all die alone anyway and what’s the point of anything really?

This weekend, learn that love is a lie and we all die alone.

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