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For the most part, she was “that girl in that movie.” You couldn’t really place her.But now, her small roles in movies you’ve seen but never recognized her in mean so much more.

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In fact, by the time of the informant-riddled organization’s collapse, its members were so mistrustful of each other that its leaders were reduced to accusing each other of being government agents.

Out of all the movies on this list, this is definitely the one you can use as an icebreaker at party.

Everyone around you will be equally impressed, stoked, and happy to revel in the nostalgia you just brought into their lives.

(Note: we’re skipping the ones no one you know has probably ever heard of.) tells the story of a tiny convict named Calvin (played by Marlon Wayans) who’s adopted by an incredibly aloof couple, Darryl and Vanessa (Shawn Wayans and Washington), desperate to have a baby, only to realize that Calvin is a grown man and simply using the couple to hide one of the world’s largest diamonds he stole on his last heist.

If the film doesn’t make any sense to you, just try to forget about it.

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