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Not all messages are heard audibly, according to the Filipino preacher. And there is a message, good news in the cross,” said Bro.

“There are many things that speak, but we don’t hear their words,” Bro. He then read Psalms 19:1-3, whose verses show that even without speech the heavens declare the majesty of God. Soriano told audiences that the heavens are proof that there is God. Eli explained that the rotation of the earth on its axis and its revolution around the sun has been going on for billions of years. It’s because there is a God who keeps it in order.” To prove his point further, the preacher said that the sound of the trumpet in Old Israel meant something: to alert the people that enemies were coming. Eli, adding that “it is the word of salvation.” He further explained that the message of Christ’s cross is His triumph over the devil in redeeming the sins of people.

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He said that, “It was there that our fellow citizens gave their lives for our freedom.” “It doesn’t follow that though significant events transpired in Bataan and Corregidor, that we should worship Bataan and Corregidor,” said the preacher.

He then noted that while Christ’s cross speaks of something as valuable as His salvation, it is not something to be worshipped.

The cross on the right side of Christ meant that “though you are a sinner like the thief, you can be saved if you’ll repent, if you’ll believe.” The other cross, on the other hand, meant that “if you are evil, and you don’t want to believe, and you mock Christ, then you really will go to hell.” Using the Death March in Bataan and Corregidor for parallelism, Bro.

Eli said that for Filipinos who understand what happened, the two provinces bear an important message.

A Bible Exposition guest from Muntinlupa City asked the Ang Dating Daan (The Old Path) host this question live last December 5 this year.

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