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Kitchens serve as not only a place to prepare meals, but also a main gathering space in the home.

Look through these pictures for great kitchen design ideas and be inspired to create a new look for your kitchen.

There were a record number of marriages in 1946 and again in 1947, and a record number of births — the beginning of the Baby Boom generation. Young couples with infants were living above garages, in spare rooms, in tiny apartments with their parents; returning veterans were forced to live in their cars. The ideal of actually owning a home was distant dream to the average wage-earner.

Thirteen million American men and women had just returned from wartime military service.

Lives that had been on hold since the attack on Pearl Harbor in December, 1941 were resumed.

But, what people wanted was housing: good, clean affordable housing. Home-ownership was something most considered completely out of reach until much later in life, if at all.

But, for once, and perhaps the last time, the United States Congress was leagues ahead of the American public.

The most costly and deadliest war of all time was finally over. The total wealth of the nation had doubled in just four years.

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