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Maximal strength is developed at low velocity by producing high force.Now, let’s get into the methods of accommodating resistance Peak Contraction Maximal effort is at the weakest point of the strength curve (e.g., when using the pec deck and leg press).The greatest effort must be at the start, but approaching lockout (finish) it becomes easier due to the force-velocity.

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Several Westside studies on overspeed eccentrics have been done, including one with Matt Smith (a then-SHW-950-pound squatter) as the test subject performing box squats (Dr. Eccentric and concentric phases totaled 0.9 seconds with bar weight only.

The legs, arms, and trunk start with no motion, accelerate, and then decelerate.

Thus, accentuation trains only in the strongest position, not the weakest.

Gustav Zander in 1879) provided maximum tension throughout the range of motion with a special-shaped cam.

Isokinetic machines provide accommodating resistance at a constant speed.

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