Accomodating smokers on campuses

Clearly Borden is just trying to do something he feels is meaningful and will have an impact on campus – and I can respect that.

accomodating smokers on campuses-40

If the goal is to get students to stop smoking, wouldn’t an anti-smoking campaign be just as if not more effective?

It is also easier to enforce than the current rules and is overall the healthiest alternative, Borden said.” I’m sorry, but what specially constructed smoking areas are on this campus?

The closest thing I’ve seen to a designated smoking area are the little cigarette trashcans that are 2 feet away from every door you’re supposed to be 25 feet away from while smoking.

Reported in the Daily Targum, Borden said: “We have looked at the current Rutgers smoking policy and issues with enforcement, the desire of the student body for a smoke-free campus, foreseeable problems with a smoke-free policy and possible alternatives to being completely smoke-free.” I would be lying if I tried to convince you that smoking was somehow better for you than other habits, because it is a disgusting habit that I, one day, hope to quit.

However, this policy would infringe on our rights as students and adults on a campus that is becoming more and more restrictive on things that should be basic choices. You cannot shield non-smokers from smoke in public spaces (outside of restaurants of course) and you cannot force students to make healthy decisions.

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