Abk dating software reviews are online dating sites scams

We purchased Able Space plus unique templates and multiple licenses and we are totally dissapointed and have asked for our money back.

If you see the writing in these forums about Able dating, the good reviews are written by the people selling the software (just look at the spelling mistakes and the new users and lack of postings) Firstly, the support is good presale and then non-existent and very poor and rude.

Secondly they claim any bad reviews are from competitors.

Thirdly, they offer a 30 day money back guarantee and yet they do not want to refund us (thank god we paid by CC) Forthly, if you think you can pay $597 for a single license and get unlimited video chat, upload videos, chat rooms, emails, etc then think twice.

We paid for a unique template 6 weeks ago and still have not received it.

ABK-soft are a Russian firm who think they can fleece money from people and not deliver Beware of Able Dating/ ABK-Soft as you will be dissapointed and if you are stupid enough to deal with these people, pay by CC so you can charge back when you receive nothing.

In the end, the logo design was anything but custom --- such a basic thing that any 10-year old with MS Paint could have done, and much more quickly.

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